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Results from over 10 years

At first, students were supported in the direct environment of Sielhorst iT consulting and a teaching assignment together with the IBM Academic Initiative. The many years of involvement in IBM Requirements Team (CEAC 1996-2000, 2011-2017) changed a lot for students.

I finally had to update and install only one tool for the internship instead of three for one semester, because the Access Client Solutions for IBM i (ACS) run for every student both on Windows, Linux or Mac clients with (almost) all necessary features that were previously distributed in many tools - as we had long wished, all clients can now use this.

We have also been able to work with tools such as

  • the Bourne Again Shell (Bash),

  • the version control system Git,

  • development with Java or

  • the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

port and explore many new open source solutions on the Linux or i on POWER operating system.

Deploying these basics is unfamiliar and complex for IBM i users and is therefore a real opportunity for the students. They can learn this on a daily basis first in other environments and then transport their experience - e.g. to companies with i on Power to enable the optimal synergy effects of experience and renewal.


Together with partners and customers, 1 - 2 works have been awarded or financed every year since 2010.

This website should help to present, discuss and further develop the results and at the same time increase the scope.