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Projects with students

Historical overview

The following projects were successfully implemented with students:

  • Development of the POWER Students Website with a CMS based on Python (Django / Wagtail), which can also be operated on a POWER platform, as was initially tested for the integration of the SDS Webseite (www / app).

  • Using the Einstein puzzle as an example - visualising inferences completely (practice / master).

  • Introduce Temporal Support (SQL:2011) for a web application (using Projektron BCS as an example). Comparison of historisation with DB2 for IBM i 7.3 (linux, pase) and MS SQL Server 2016 (Practice / Bachelor).

  • Modelling a schema for capturing metadata with the Web Ontology Language 2 (Bachelor).

  • Operation of a Triple Data Store (RDF / SPARQL) on POWER systems (i, linux, pase) (Practice).

  • Historisation with Temporal Support in DB2 for IBM i (Bachelor).

  • Identify leading systems in data integration techniques, Comparison of ETL vs. CDC methods in the environment of MDM and EAI (Bachelor), to optimise the implementation and use of PM software.

  • Analysis of an open source PM software and its integration into the processes in the company (Practice)

  • Multilingualism in BIRT as a web service (Bachelor)

  • Planning and prototype of a Common Europe Requirements Portal for CEAC

  • Presentation of the work at the CEC 2012 in Vienna by the students

  • Standards under PHP: iDB (MySQL) and DB2 for IBM i on Power

  • Bachelor internship, Frankfurt, Open Source BI for DB2 on IBM i Power technology

  • Creation of a prototype for the website of COMMON Deutschland e.V. with Drupal on IBM i

  • JUMP Workshop in WS 11/12 - Java GUI Framework for RPG/400 and DDS.

  • Zend Workshop in WS 11/12 PHP, Drupal and DB2 for IBM i.

  • Bachelor internship, Berlin, 2010/11, migrating the web application Projektron BCS to DB2 for IBM i. Presentation at COMMON at the Jako 2011 in Schweinfurt.

We have presented or published detailed information on individual projects.