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Further Education

Resulting training courses

Students tend to use the results of research casually and analyse them in detail.

The use in daily practice, development and administration is not in the foreground.

It requires a different approach to communicate the resulting possibilities from the research projects than for the education of the students themselves, who take a different viewpoint with the help of scientific publications to analyse the environment and the options.

Contact us if these topics are of interest to you so that we can offer training, a workshop or on-the-job training based on your prior knowledge.

  • BIRT Basics - BI Reporting Tools in the IBM POWER Systems Environment
  • STAR Report - System Temporal Audit Reports, Data History for DB2 i (v7r3 +)
  • Git, LaTeX - Versioning project documentation, templates, presentations and animations
  • SDS, SARS - Security Analysis Reporting (system, system values)

This helps the students directly if they can be involved in the preparation or later when viewing the documents, to adjust specifically to the requirements in companies or to work efficiently into a topic if it is to be studied in greater depth.