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If you have any questions about POWER Students, please do not hesitate to contact us.


E-mail is our preferred form of contact:

At times, we are not afraid to work through requests at very late or early hours.

Online Video Conferences

For online meetings we use a dedicated Jitsi Meet instance:

For this, you need an appointment (date / time) and a meeting room (/meeting-room-name), which will be opened by us on the appointment.

You get access from a browser in your client or via the Jitsi-Meet app in your smartphone or tablet (Google, Apple).

You can find a small instruction directly on our page in the browser.

Support, Services, Projects

We are hosting and using the Project and Business Coordination System (BCS)

  • for projects with POWER Students

  • to support sponsors

  • to support teaching (lectures, seminars, workshops, thesis work)

BCS includes the classic tasks of CRM, PM, tickets, so that you also receive messages from the ticket system
and (if necessary) answer them by e-mail to the ticket address or even send initially:


We are also happy to receive traditional mail at our postal address:

POWER Students
c/o Sielhorst iT Beratung
Sachsenstr. 13
64297 Darmstadt

Even if it seems otherwise, we have to limit ourselves to German and English, and at the same time we are happy if you partially understand our list or add to it and enrich it further:

Nachwuchsföderung / promoting young researchers / promoción de los estudiantes / Främjar unga talanger / encouragement des jeunes talents / promoten van jong talent / Promocja młodych talentów / तरुण संशोधक प्रोत्साहन / 促进年轻研究人员