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Research promotion

Here we are creating a community area for POWER Students to manage and evaluate research topics.

We want to give the creation of the site itself as a project to students to develop this with the help of a CMS based on Python (Django / Wagtail) - as this website is based on this technology.

In the meantime, we take the ideas and suggestions via E-Mails into the ticket system in BCS - analyse, discuss, evaluate and publish them step by step - topics from sponsors and with a high rating will be favoured.

  1. Sponsors can favour project topics.
  2. Students can apply for a project topic.

Here are some examples that we ourselves are particularly interested in:

  • Definition of an ontology for special IBM i objects
    • Object analysis and storage of semantic data
    • Examples of SPARQL queries for the new ontology
    • Research on available documents on terms of the ontology
  • Application for semantic analyses
    • As a web application
    • As a cloud service
    • As an Eclipse plug-in
  • Synchronous creation of documents for multiple target platforms
    • PDF - LaTeX documents and presentations (.tex)
    • MD - Common MarkDown as a basis for Wiki content (.md)
    • WEB - HTML representations (.html)
  • Synchronous creation of text modules and templates (sty, cls, css, ... )
  • Deployment of Projektron BCS on DB2 i with historisation (DB2 i , MS SQL Server)
    and the extension of the BIRT integration for historical reports
  • Analysis of the options for integrating GitLab or/and Gitea into fully comprehensive PM systems (using Projektron BCS as an example).