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Overview of results achieved

The overview of topics and the results developed for them gives students and sponsors the opportunity to continue researching and promoting them if feasibility has been tested or a prototype has been implemented, or to get to know them in detail if concrete results are available and can be used (documents - training).

Focus - BIRT

  • Open Source Eclipse BIRT available as integration in RDi (CEAC - IBM product)
  • Using and displaying parameters *ALL for reports (Sielhorst iT Beratung)
  • Optimal reports vs. optimal documents (Sielhorst iT Beratung)
  • Using open source BIRT environments in the IBM POWER environment - Linux, i, PASE (Sielhorst iT Beratung, Tradui, Projektron)
  • Reports for historicised data - SQL:2011 Temporal Tables (Sielhorst iT Beratung- DB2 i, Managetopia - MS SQL Server)
  • Study on multilingualism in reports - machine learning across all BIRT versions - as a cloud service (Sielhorst iT Beratung, Tradui)

Focus - Database

  • Prototype for the complete visualisation of ontologies (Sielhorst iT Beratung, Managetopia)
  • Comparison of historisation with DB2 for IBM i 7.3 (linux, pase) and MS SQL Server 2016 (presentation COMMON NL - Sielhorst iT Beratung, Managetopia)
  • Introduce Temporal Support (SQL:2011) for a web application -Study for BCS 7.28 : historical + high availability (Sielhorst iT Beratung, T.S.P., Projektron).
  • Schema for capturing metadata with Web Ontology Language 2.
  • Operation of a Triple Data Store (RDF / SPARQL) on POWER systems (Sielhorst iT Beratung, Managtopia -
  • Comparison of ETL vs. CDC methods for integrating PM with DB2 for i applications
  • Standards under PHP: iDB (MySQL) and DB2 for IBM i on Power
  • Study on Drupal and DB2 for IBM i

Focus - Project Management

  • Use of Projektron BCS for teaching / management of projects with POWER Students (Sielhorst iT Consulting - POWER Students)
  • Analysis of an open source PM software and its integration into the company's processes
  • Web application Projektron BCS on DB2 for IBM i (Study for BCS 7.28 - Sielhorst iT Consulting, Projektron)